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selma hayek beauty secrets

salma hayek beauty secret

Salma hayek is enough rich as some one estimated her assets (real assets) worth $100 Million. You can see her wear all sorts of dresses, women dresses, bikinis, swim suits. Now and then you can see her without dress also, which we all like it, she admitted it too. Often she wears jeans, transparent shirts, hip hop dresses and women dresses, sexy dresses. But one day with an interviewer she told some astonishing things. She told that she never buys dresses for her. She only borrows dresses and she never liked to spend money on dresses as she is not that rich. Wow. what a great fact. This mexican beautiful baby doesnot require any dress to hide her beauties from the point of view of men. But we wonder if she really never spends money on her fashion dresses. If you watch her when she attends any great party, function, she comes in costly dress, slightly or greatly exposing her breast. Perhaps her boy friends might have presented gifted all the wonderful women dresses for her, to hide her from the eyes of others. This is what she told exactly:"You think I'm going to spend my money on clothes? No way. I have a small house so I borrow everything except art, that's what I love." She will be buying art pieces,drawings like frida.
Salma hayek in indian traditional dress. This is called punjabi suit with shelwar , paijama. This blue shelwar kameez with bangles on her hands make her an angel came down for us. But she is a bit tired . what happend. She appears as if she came out after a "vigorous hard work". Anyway, we can see how she looks when she is fully TIRED after some hard work. In this nice dress, she is very erotic and rising unknown desires in us. Her lean , body makes every one hot in this dress. I dont know what body lotions she uses to make her skin glow like this

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all about britney spears

britney spears photo looking cute

Britney spear came out of rehab center which is a happy news for us.. let us remember her beauties.First husband of britney spear was jason alexander, her childhood friend, but the marriage lasted only 55 hours, in 2004. What he got in this short span , every body's guess! Now , britney lawyer is allegated that jason is spreading outrageous stories and selling or exploiting the private and confidential information about his lovely ex wife britney spear. Hope he too joins us to help britney to recover well.
Britney spear pic:1

Britney spear with her child and her ex husband, spending time joyfully. Kevin and britney spear had lovely days. How they got separated is a question..

Britney spear pic 2:
britneyspears beautiful

britney spear in red dress . look at the thighs joining place.. her most private part contour is clearly visible in this britney spear pic. The portion of that is shown in blow up again, for the benefit of britney lovers.

Britneyspear pic 3:singer britneyspears>Britney spear has lovely body parts.. one of them is her butt. look in this, her butt is round and responsive. cushy too.

Britney spear boobs :
all brittany spear fans , sorry not all, some of her fans get kick with her songs and also with the sight of her boobs. In this pic, she allowed to be exposed with her boobs sagging down.


pregnant selmahayek

salma hayek pregnent again?
Salma Hayek Now with Pregnancy:
Salma Hayak Then:
one reader of this site recently commented how salma hayek agreed to marry that french man, it may be just for money or dollars alone.! This is an important comment to analyse. All the salma hayek fans,(they are in thousands and millions) got a smooth shock with the double penetrating news of her pregnancy and marriage.. ofcourse every one feels pinch when his dream girl gets engaged. same thing happend.
when we miss our vuluptuous girl, to some rich person, we definitely cry fowl and allege the marriage is just because of money..
The fact is money is money. all people love money and rich people love it more .. So, salma hayek reached 40 years and crossed even that. She has to think about marriage and settling because her life purpose is not just showing her breasts to the world and gain the title of best breast queen. Ofcourse, her body is also loosing the charm . so, a wise woman plans to settle down, so salma , being a wise mexican woman, planned and expedited the plan of settling quickly with a rich person.
When you think of settling with marriage, why not with a rich person? as i said, rich people love more riches. so, she quickly made many things, before the press and paperazzi notice, and she achieved the two goals of becoming pregnant and getting engaged to selected rich person. Thus this proves salma hayek's better planning and understanding about her life, objective and goals. She never uttered any word about this plan even two months back. Salma hayek declared that she is searching for a man with more balls or bigger ones.(may be a joke).
Now what? the fans of salma hayek or feeling to digest the fact that this sexy woman is going away from their dream land and becoming a mother . Naturally they search for another sexy girl or woman. But what happens to the movie planned with salma hayek? do they change the story that the heroine salma hayek is pregnant in the movie? we have to wait and watch. If you see the old pictures or photos of salma and present salma hayek, there we notice lot of changes in her body, and profile..


salma hayek doubts

salma hayek getting doubts in bible
she has questions in bible now!!...
salma reached the age of 40.. seen lot of world and shown "lot of world" ..Now she is engaged and pregnant before marriage. She got a doubt from virgin marry's pregnancy.. she commented on that which raked lot of opposite response.. She discussed this issue in an interview given to a magazine Marie Claire. salma hayek comments:"I don't like the way the Bible views women - this thing about the Virgin Mary conceiving a child without having sex - so if you conceive a child by having sex, there's a subliminal message that there's something dirty about it. ""And this is what makes us divine - I mean, the possibility of creating another life should remind women that we are creators, that we are made like God in our ability. There is nothing greater than to create another human being." Lot of discussion can be done on this and it is happening in forums. But every one can think within her or his purview of understanding. We can not understand the mysteries, intricacies of great epics, holy books. Our life experiences will not allow us to understand.. People advised her to visit a preacher and learn more.. but she may not find time.. anyway,salma, you can express your doubts.. the person who expresses a doubt is better than a dumb follower, who gets a big doubt at the end! We know slama hayek is a relegious, catholic. After every sin, she does fasting ... most of the days in a month she would be fasting.. so, her prayers would provide her answer. By the way, virgin becoming pregnant by holy spirit is not only limited to bible, they are in vedic epics like mahabharat and ramayan too.

selma hayek new baby

salma hayek this friday gave birth to a girl child. She is very happy and she became mother.Salma's publicist Cari Ross said: "Mother and daughter are doing well."Salma, 41, was secretly dating the wealthy Frenchman - who is the chief executive of PPR, the company that owns Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and a series of other French retail chains - before she announced her engagement and also confirmed that she was expecting his baby in March
salma hayek said: "Motherhood is not for everyone. It is for me, but there's no reason women should feel rushed to have a child."


How selma hayek got best "tops"

Do you know the secret behind the beautiful curves of mexican actress lovely latina salma hayek? She believes in god and also believes that her prayer for beautiful breasts were heard by god or angel or devil and she got them. Salma hayek revealed recently that "My mother and I stopped at a church during a road trip we were making from our home in Mexico.When we went inside the church, I prayed for the miracle that I wanted to happen. I put my hands in holy water and said, 'Please God, give me some breasts!'" Just months later, Salma hayek started to develop the breasts which have become the envy of all young women all over the world.

salma hayek also told : "He gave me them! Within a few months, I developed a growing spurt, as all teenagers do, and I was very pleased with the way I grew outwards.". Oh god thank you for giving her beautiful breasts and wonderful eyes to us to watch!!

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Monica belluci

monica bellucci breast exposed wet shirt
monica bellucci in wet shirt exposing breasts
Bellucci hiding breasts:

monica bellucci nude
monica belluci sexy
monica belluci has some thing special than others. her front assets are too good and mouth watering. her performance in shoot em up movie is mouth watering.That is why all men are behind her keeping their hands on what ever part they get. In this movie she is shown as a woman with full of milk and she is requested by hero to feed the orphan baby. bellucci is the best choice for such feed works. trust me, in this movie she was feeding many.
monica bellucci sexy movies, uncut edtion particularly "Malena Uncut Special Edition 2 DVD Set [REGION 3 Import]" movie, which is fullll of her sexy things


Penelope Cruz

sexy tasty penelope cruze oscar nominee now, we wish all the best from our guys!
Oscar Awards fever-Penelope our favourite

Oscar awards will be announced in a day and half. We are all very eager to know the results. We are very interested to know our best acress, since our love girl, our tasty woman penelope cruz is there in contest (because of her taste and also because of salma hayek push). All the lusty guys are dreaming already about her winning of the award. Let us see the movies and contestents for best female actress award contestants:

1. Penelope Cruze -volver

2. Helen Mirren- The Queen

3. Meryl Streep - The Devil wears Prada

4. Kate winslet - little children
16% people voted online for penelope out of the 4 because of her expressive brown eyes, lustrous dark hair and flawless olive skin, Penelope Cruz burst on the scene as a teenager lending an air of sultry innocence and a flair for drollery and nudity as the sexy ingénue in Bigas Lunas' American art-house hit "Jamon Jamon" (1992).penelope cruze in volver movie performance is good
About the Movie Volver:Set in Spain, Three women generations story--a good mother who is desperately in love with a man who is far from being a saint, a young mother (our sexy, tasty penelope cruze) carrying a hard life upon her shoulders and an illegal hairdresser whose shop is the meeting point for all the neighborhood gossips. Now a days penelope cruze is as hot as salma hayek. Salma may be loosing the profile of her assets but this lean, tall sexy tasty penelope is becoming hot target for all dreaming guys. Her jamoon jamon proved her talents. Read about this movie and a clip in this site only.

penelope cruze acted movie volver
kids in mind warned about this adult thing in the movie volver. Beware!!
(Rated 6 , this is a R rated film for restricted audience)
A husband and wife lie in bed together, the man kisses the woman's cheek and tries to convince her to have sex; she rolls over on her side and he masturbates (we hear rhythmic movement and moaning).
► A teenage girl tells her mother that her stepfather tried to rape her (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). We hear that a father sexually abused his daughter and that she became pregnant.
► A teenage girl changes her clothes (the side of her bare breast is visible), and her stepfather passes her room and watches her. A teenaged girl wearing a mini-skirt sits on a chair with one leg over the arm of the chair (her tights and panties are visible) and her stepfather looks at her inappropriately.
► A woman washes dishes and the camera is focused directly down her shirt and on her cleavage, a woman wears a low-cut lace camisole that reveals cleavage, and a woman wears low-cut dresses and tops that reveal cleavage.
► A woman talks to a woman who is apparently a prostitute and offers to pay her for her time and the woman makes crude comments about not knowing that she was interested in women sexually. A woman is told that her father was having an affair with another woman's mother. It is suggested that a woman is a prostitute.
► A woman asks her adult daughter about the size of her breasts and whether she ever had anything done to them, such as breast enlargement.

Oscar Nominated


Paris Hilton

All the world is behind paris hilton now, daily searching through the search engines for paris hilton sex tapes, sex scandals and
search engines getting tired of giving information.. but the main question is is paris hilton so sexy? what is speciality in her for creating lot of interest in (perhaps)men to know more about her.. first thing is , she is from rich family .. second thing is she is involved in a sex tape scandal.. this sex video was taped (by her) and it circulated in the world through internet , video file sharing.
That created publicity to her.. some or more people allege that she herself released that sex tape to gain popularity .. they may be right.
If you watch her photos or images from any gallery, nothing is very special in her.. she is not very exciting to have a desire to sleep with her immidiately.. but to speak truth, her lean body, flat tummy or stomach are attractive.. the measurement of paris hilton from naval to the hot spot is more than any other woman.. thats why shen she stands or bends some sexy look comes to her posture.. face, eyes, even breasts of paris hilton are not special but most ordinary.. her hair turns away many people too. There is a recent scandal about her lieing or lying and laying in bed.. with a guy..
paris hilton sex with Tom Sizemore: when paris hilton was very sexy and hot at her age of 19 she had one night stand and slept with a lucky guy Tom Sizemore. Thats fine, nothing special .. but now paris hilton became popular and she never wants her name to be associated with that pauper guy ( because that guy lost all his money). Then, he produced photographs of paris hilton sleeping with him.. to the world.. now paris hilton is trapped and she has to take back her words and agree to the fact that she slept with him.. now this bankrupt guy struck wonderful plan.. in his good old days, three or four years back, good girls slept with him as paris hilton did. so, now he is producing the secretely captured sex video,70 minute DVD, with these girls and selling in the market.. anything with a label of paris hilton sells like hot cake in the world now..So, he is dreaming about bundles of dollars in millions with the sex tapes..The pornographic video was made with 9 different sexy women, and the actor is hoping that this project will fill his pockets heavily.
1 Night in Paris with paris hilton:
Hilton also starred in 1 Night in Paris (2004), an unauthorized sex video with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, for which she received directorial credit (?). The film earned three AVN Awards in 2005, including "Best Selling Title of the Year". Best title we can agree , but what it means by directorial credit? and other awards?? may be most heating direction to turn on. Hilton originally sued Salomon over the release of the tape, but settled out of court in July 2005. According to [press reports, Hilton was awarded up to $400,000 and planned to donate a percentage to charity.(!!) In a 2006 interview with GQ magazine, paris hilton stated: "I never received a dime from (the video). It's just dirty money and (Salomon) should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something."[10]

Another interesting point with paris hilton is she is probably having lots of sex tapes , herself being the heroine in all tapes. She never minds to offer the proceedings of these tapes to any orphanage.. by the way, the grown up orphans are now asking for a few tapes too for their entertainment..
paris hilton bending with lovely curvy body, tummy and backSee this bent position.. difficult to control.. the body shape from breast to loin is tooo provocating. As a bonus , she is exposing her breast from the shirt. On top of them, her peculiar expression in face..
paris hilton upskirtParis hilton upskirt here. but what is that red color stain exactly on the hot spot? is it strained stain or some new design? thighs are not soft. Thigh muscles are strong.


Angelina Jolie the angel

sexy angelina jolie photo without panty or bra
Angelina jolie is one way an angel.. want to know why? She is sexy and beautiful.. peculiar mouth specific to her which might accomodate.. sweet words . She is married to Brad Pit who is understanding her and giving full support to her whenever she felt vulnerable(?). Thus they both are making a living example for wife and husband hormony , for the entire celebrity world . Not only that , they are adopting orphan children from every nook and corner of the world.. Good work.. Celebrities after getting fame and money should turn to social service in what ever way they like ( in addition to free exhibition of their body ofcourse). So, she is on tour across the globe selecting and adopting the children while press is getting tired of noting her itenary and adoptions list.
Now, my friends are grumbling against her and secretely wishing that she may next pick them up for adoption.. No, my friends are not kids but well grown up and mature enough to have half a dozen kids of their own, if any body offers them a girl to marry ( individually ofcourse!),
angelina jolie breast exposed

But they are die hard fans of angelina jolie and her charms.. they love angelina joile ever pose and collect her all images, photos. They now want to be with her to feel her "warmth of affection", "occasional kisses" and all. So, they request angelina to consider grown up kids this time so that they may be picked up. They are a little scared about brad pitt only, as they are not sure how swiftly he takes them as adopted children. Angelina jolie loves orphan kids, angelina jolie loves animals, pets , snakes , what not? so, they are confident that they would be selected by them one day definitely under any one category of the above..
Angelina Jolie Lips: Angelina jolie lips and hips are two attractions for our above friends. Angelina lips are in a specially built manner (by god while creating), but the purpose is not much known. When jolie speaks, our people are hypnotised by looking at her round, thick lips like the mouth of a fish. They love to watch her eating any fruit, like banana. I think most of the guys in the world are after her sexy lips and mouth..than her exciting body.. look this picture here, her body is not tender and soft but like a sportwoman body fully robust . Angelina is not wearing anything under her see through gown in this picture. Her bare body is semi visible here.
angelina tomb raider: For game lovers, tomb raider is a wonderful and exciting game. Exciting not only because of the game intellegnce or theme. But because, tomb raider is having angelina as the lead and she is exciting in her outfit or dress..We often loose in the game because we concentrate on her tight outfit on her chest.

Angelina jolie measurements: Angelina height : 5 ft 8 inches ( very good height) and important measurements:36C-28-36
Speciality with angelina jolie: She admitted she is bisexual.. and look the statement."I love women and men equally and I see people as people and love as love, so I think it makes sense that a woman would know I'd appreciate and love her as much as I would a man."
"We focus on who's sleeping with who but miss who you are really with." Good daring comment.. and she has aesthetic sense and figure. Another attractive point from her is angelina has the genes of native americans and czech. so we have this beauty with love at "Heart"

Anjelina jolie kissable lips:

Hot lips Anjelina Jolie has topped a poll of female stars whom British men want to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas, (other men too love those kissable jolie lips) stated a report published in online news network The poll reportedly stated that over 31 percent of British men would like to share a festive french smooch with the smouldering and sultry 29-year-old Hollywood star.
Second on this kiss wish list was willowly beauty Keira Knightley, who first made her big screen debut in the hit "Bend It Like Beckham", followed by the sensuous Halle Berry, sexy Cameron Diaz and beautiful Charlize Theron.
On the other hand, the ladies (hot women) dreamed of locking lips with young "Lord of the Rings" star Orlando Bloom,
angelina jolie skinny sexy

24. Bloom garnered 21 percent, and was followed closely by happily married Oceans Twelve stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney, Colin Farrell and Tom Cruise.
Angelina jolie True mother:
Angelina jolie adapted a baby ( son) from ethiopia and brought to her home a month ago.But that boy developed serious health trouble.. Angelina not only hospitalized him but also gave full of her attention, to the baby by continuously staying in the hospital. This is really a good and commendable job. It is not great to adapt children, but to give them true motherly care and attention is important. Infact the real parents of that boy have died because of AIDS. Good work by jolie.


Bar Rafaeli

hot bar rafaeli bending towards leonard dicaprio
yester day, there was a fight, between the body gaurds of dicaprio and the paparazzi in israel when dicaprio was visiting a tunnel along with his girl friend , bar rafaeli who is hot now.let us see the details of these two hot couple.
Bar raefili details:
some times she is refered as bar refaili too. she is lean, tall and sexy, she comes from israel and jewish community. she is heart throb of israel and she is present top model there.Her measurements are : Height 5ft 9 inches, ( quite tall to excite). body statistics or measurements:35-24-35 . Look at her figure, the body portion from naval to bottom is very sexy.. she is just 21 years, which is provoking age for guys from girls side..
bar rafaeli jew model gorgeous
she took to modelling from early childhood and now she became top model, she models to swimsuits and others, like victoria secret (lingerie company.). Naturally any lingerie fits perfectly for her figure and good advertisement from her modelling. It is also heard that to escape from compulsory joining into military assignment, she married an older person few years ago . she had a personal relations manager , who helped her to zoom her career into sky from the dull period in 2005. But, last year she said good bye to that PR manager and now he is suiing her for 100 million dollars .Bar Rafaeli met Leonardo Dicaprio, the hero of titanic and she stole his heart. He was searching for a good looking girl either from britain or elsewhere,(other than USA). They both started dating. Recently roumours spread across like wild fire that Bar rafaeli dumped him, vexed up with his tours and life style. But yesterdays news of both moving in israel confirms that the love of dicaprio for this bar rafaeli has not dried up. Ofcourse , she is quite different girl from other lot. Her jewish heritage adds spice to her. To be frank, her face is not that attractive when compared to her body..We should congratulate Leonardo Dicaprio for selecting this nice hot girl and sticking to her!!

Join the JewishFriendFinder get a friend like bar rafaeli online dating community for FREE!


Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith , a playboy Playmate a voluptuous platinum blonde, was in news and recently she breathed her last. This is a sad news. But we have to study her life and find many interesting things and her life story is like a movie. She raised in the small texas town of Mexia, USA.From her adolecency , she is fond of famous celebrity Marlin Manroe and used to imitate her. She used to decorate like marlin manroe too. Similarity never ended here. Manroe died at the young age of 36 where nicole smith died recently at the age of 39. Both are victims of drugs abuse.Anna nicole smith was working in top less restaurant where she met an old billionaire,J Howard Marshall, whose age is about 89 when nicole smith was just 26. Probably her beauties and tops mesmerised this old man and requested, pleaded her pestered her to marry him. So she married too. Before that her first marriage was with Billy Wayne Smith when she was just 17 years old. But she separated from him after two years. Now Anna nicole smith has a baby daughter. There was a legal battle in the court of law about the paternity. Nicole smith informed that the father is her Attorney HOWARD K. STERN . But her ex boy friend claims that the baby daughter is his . The judgement would be in this february 21, based on DNA tests.We see enjoy all the actresses their beauties but their lives would be very miserable. First of all women are sentimental . Then when they become celebrities, they can not not cope up with the enormous stress they undergo with all emotions. They take to drugs , sleeping pills and meet their end sadly. Let her soul rest in peace for she created joy and pleasure in the hearts of millions of young men as well as OLD MEN.(Anna nicole smith measurements are 34D-24-34 , 5' 7" tall, and weighs in at 110 lbs )
Anna nicole smith diaries costly:
Now anna nicole smith soul is resting with unrest in heaven because of lots of court cases, post martem of her body and now going of her private diaries into a man's hand through auction. Recently, memoribilia auctioned two dairies of nicole smith for almost a hefty price of 500000 US Dollars to a german. These diaries were got by a cleaning person in Los Angeles where nicole smith anna stayed on a filming project. These diaries are for the period from 1992 to 1994. It is told that she wrote about her feelings about sex and men in this diaries as she hates the men who want always sex.. after all she became popular because of these lusty , lewd men only. She revealed many things about her billionaire husband and lots of relegious, spiritual thoughts were penned in that. The buyer of these diaries want to write a book on her , based on these two valuable diaries.


Bo Derek

bo derek sexy picture in tarzan movie

Bo derek is a special most sexy woman for lusty guys, Bo derek has all ingredient to make us burn in fire of desire. Naked bo derek body is just few inches away from heaven. bo derek naked nude body is very intoxicating. The bo derek pics provided here establish this truth. To see bo derek body beauty we have to see tarzan the ape man movie. There she acted sexily that we lose our concious some times. Tarzan movie made her prominent though No 10 movie,bolero are also successfully showing her nude naked body.Bo derek pictures are inspiration for love making. Bo derek movies expose her assets, her swining bulging breasts, lovely thighs and the pelvix.

Bo derek nudes almost in every movie.
Bo derek bio: Bo derek was born in 20 November 1956 Long Beach, California, USA. Her original name was Mary Cathleen Collins. Bo derek height is 5feet 4 inches. Enough height to fuel the fire in us. one interesting point is bo derek turned down the Jessica Lange role in the 1976 remake of King Kong. That role itself was sexy in some scenes. This was discussed in this same site else where. Had bo derek acted in this film too, that would have been her another big sexy hit. Bo derek breasts are very very interesting in every picture. Half the picture goes showing those breasts .

bo derek sexy body

Her measurements of breasts changed drastically. Measurements: 32-22-32 (at age 16 ), 35-23 1/2-35 1/2 (while filming "10"), 37C-22-34 ( 1983), 38-22-36 ( 1985), Why they are increasing ? Naturally, they are very attractive and attracted loads. Bo derek dating a blind date arranged by her friend. Her boy friend is John carbett. John carbett is lucky for having bo derek as his girl friend. He gets all what he wants .Though bo derek age is 50 years, she is strong and exciting.

bo derek sexy wet dress

See this exciting photo of bo derek and tarzan. Tarzan is taking away her to where ever he wants, because he got the bounty of this sexy woman free of cost in the midst of jungle. bo derek has a special , unexplainable feeling here. This strong beast is taking her away. On her back she is having the touch of weapon of tarzan, may be a knife. and front the rope is pressing at forbidden place. See her pelvic area, soo sexy.


Ashley Judd

ashley judd social service

Celebrities entertain us and get fame and money.. If they stick to money, riches, love, romance only soon they may land in mental rehaibilation camp.. But, a wise thing is to change their life style and work for a noble cause and start social service. Some celebrities, ex sex bombs became social workers.. Angelina jolie (adapting children and other causes), alyssa milano for psunami rehabilitation and children help camps through UNICEF and Ashley Judd for empowerment of women and spreading the cause of Aids disease.
Ashley judd works for Population Services International (PSI) and touring round the globe to spread awareness about aids. Now she is camping in India , meeting sex workers in mumbai kamaatipura area and "trying to educate" them about safe sex. Ashley judd was exciting celebrity for some men , but changed to vegetarianism two decades back. She reads Bhagawadgeetha and respects Mahatma Gandhi. She is visiting gandhi homeplace too, as well as Tajmahal, the seventh wonder of World and symbol for love.Indian celebrity, miss world title holder Sushmita sen also joins hands with ashley judd in meeting the sex workers in red light area and spreading the aids awareness. She spreads women empowerment message in rajasthan.. We have to think what the sex workers spread message to ashley judd... they may spread different message to her.. kidding). By the way, ashley judd is close friend of salma hayek. There is a video clip in metacafe or so where ashley judd opens her shirt and exposes her breasts, while salma hayek was in driving seat.. you must see how salma hayek blushes at this event!!see


caterina murino wow

Sexy caterina murino
catarina murino casino royaleHope you have seen Casino royale , as a routine, to have an eye on the bond girls and their recent sizes. This picute is worth to see two girls, who look very elegant, sexy and some times watering our mouth.
First girl is caterina murino: She looks great when she rides a white horse on the sea shore. A youth bubbling woman riding a horse is sexy in a way. catarina murino on bond sexyShe is in green bikini and rides the horse. Then steals our heart. We wish to be the horse. By the by the horse too liked this chick and loves to smell her bossom, what fragrance she uses? or pheromones? She has tight breasts.
In another scene, she is in a good compromising scene with bond, that old looking person. She lies on top of him, receives a phone call , while pressing his private with her counter part ,
catarino murino bust size with swings and jerks. This scene ignites some passion to be with her at least one day. Unfortunately she is killed in the movie because place has to be made to another lovely chic eva green.
Guess catirna murino measurements: 34C-24-34 (when not excited)

James bond Girls:James bond movies are famous for james bond girls. The producer and director some how search entire globe and bring the beautiful and vuluptuous girls for him. In other way we get feast to our eyes to see these selected james bond girls falling just for james bond and agreeing to sleep with him at every fall of his hat. Every audience imagines himself to be james bond and enjoy the romance with these lovely girls while the james bond on the screen is doing it. Nice to watch.

Sexy Pictures of caterino murino:

caterina murino beautiful photo
caterino murino sexy photo caterino murino back shown
caterino murino exposing caterino murino breasts


Keira Knightly- flat chest heroine

Flat chest heroine keira knightley:
look at the flat chest of this beautiful keira knightley Pirates of the carribbean sea , curse of black perl you all might have seen. The heroine Keira Knightley is very attractive in a way in that movie, in those dresses. If you see the first picture, there is no speciality in her. No assets too. look at her chest. quite flat.. nothing interesting.. how loose the top on her flat chest.
keira knightley body shape and bottom is good except top But when you come to the second picture, look at the curves and profiles on her chest. showing some growth.. enough curves there. Her long torso adds value to her beauty. her lips are also ok...
observe here the pointed nipple of keira knightley, what is the use? The most interesting thing in this scene is , her breast pressed or pushed up in that position. she is attractive too. The most important point, you can observe a nipple protruding. This heroine is attractive in this pirates of carribbean sea, curse of the black pearl.&nbspKeira Knightly is really flat chested woman, even this statement makes her unhappy . Becuase every woman likes to have firm breasts so that all looks would be on her. But God has created a wonderful lass so beautiful but forgot to give a bit flesh there to keira knightly. you can view this video clip where keira knightley is in erotic love making scene with a guy. we can not make out whose chest is man's chest. ofcourse, her bottom may be worthy.
keira knightley height: 5feet 7 inches. very good height with long legs .
What to do when a girl like keira knightley has flat chest? Breast enhancement advice:It is very painfull to have a flat chest to lovely woman like knightley. They just do any thing to enhance their breast size, provided the method is harmless without side effects. This is the worry for lot of lovely women and girls . All break their heads how to enhance their breast size. There are breast enhancement creams, breast enhancement lotions, to apply gently on their breast daily and massage gently. This is said to give results to many after 45 days of regular usage. Breast enhancement pills are not recommended that much because of side effects. External lotions and creams for breast enhancement is ok. There is hypnosis breast enhancement treatment also. Hypnotist may give suggestions so as to vitalise the breast enhancement tissues. This is also good to try. Breast enahancement supplements are food items, minerals which increases the breast growth, if we take in our food. Breast enhancement surgery is last resort as it is painful.
keira knightley hole clipFrom the movie The Hole, two guys will be playing with keira Knightley, one removing her blue jeans , caressing her sensitive area between legs while another is catching her hands and kissing them. They were trying to make keira knightley naked.Keira knightley would be giggling and cooperating to them while another woman frowns at this , watching secretely.This is from movie domino.
kissing on her stomach is sexy.


sarah Roemer -tight packed

sarah roemer american actress in nice dress
Some times just dress would make a woman very sexy. In this above picture, if you see, sarah roemer wore a tight green jacket or blouse and it was soo tight that the clevage of sarah roemer is very much visible and exciting. The color of the blouse is also very appealing. Good packing of her assets by sarah roemer.To be frank, sarah face is not that attractive .
sarah roemer
Sarah Roemer acted as ashley in the movie Disturbia
34-23-34 measurements of sarah romer, her height is 5 ft 9 inches. This american blonde actress looks good in this dress.
The movie is on voyeurism.
On the Voyeuristic Aspect of Filming Disturbia: LaBeouf’s character is spying on Roemer’s while she’s swimming, relaxing in the sun, and getting ready for bed. Watching those scenes in the finished Disturbia film was a bit surreal for Roemer who had no idea what was going on in LaBeouf’s half of those scenes. “Honestly, when I watched it in the beginning, I remembered filming a lot of the stuff in the bikini in the pool but I didn’t realize, because I wasn’t in the room with [the guys], actually what they were saying and talking about,” revealed Roemer. “So it was a really bizarre experience watching them, the little perverts (laughing) watching me, talking about me. I was a little taken aback. I had no idea how much was going on in the scene. I didn’t realize how much fun they were having with it. I felt a little violated for a second.”
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Lindsay Lohan, say something.

The 21-year-old actress plead guilty to driving under the influence, driving with a blood-alcohol level above 0.08 per cent and being under the influence of cocaine in each of the two cases, and to one count of reckless driving.Police found cocaine on Lohan during both the arrests in May and July but the amounts were both below the 0.05 grams required for felony charges.Lohan, who is currently in a Utah rehab clinic, will also serve 10 days of community service and complete a drug treatment programme.She was placed on 36 months probation, is required to complete an 18-month alcohol education programme, pay hundreds of dollars in fines and must complete a three-day county coroner programme in which she'll visit a morgue and talk to victims of drunken drivers."It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs," Lohan said in a statement."I broke the law and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case," she added.Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers denied that the terms of the deal represented favouritism for the star of Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded."She's getting what everyone else would get," said Meyers. If Lohan were to be convicted of another DUI, she would receive a mandatory 120-day jail sentence, Meyers said.In the May incident, Lohan crashed her Mercedes into a tree on Sunset Boulevard and was found to be over the alcohol limit and in possession of cocaine. She entered rehab shortly afterwards.
But soon after her July release she was arrested after chasing the car of her former assistant's mother and was once again found to be in possession of cocaine and over the alcohol limit. A woman who was a passenger in the other vehicle is suing the actress for assault and negligence.
Lohan initially denied the drugs were hers, but admitted the offence on Thursday.
"No matter what I said when I was under the influence on the day I was arrested, I am not blaming anyone else for my conduct other than myself," Lohan's statement said. "I thank God I did not injure others. I easily could have."
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Rachel weisz

actress rachel weisz in mummy movie, her black dress in this movie is very exciting and provoking

Rachel weisz acted in mummy and the three sequences of that movie, and she became very popular and famous with her role.. What is speciality in that role and in the movie plot or entire thing is in her beauties? let us see.
This mummy was released in 1999. Entire episode is about giving life to the mummy and the havoc he created in that egypt, Evelyn (our lovely rachel weisz) and her brother Johnathan start on this mission. None can face him, but our lovely girl rachel weisz(Pharaoh Seti's Mistress). you know why.. she is beautiful.. the powerful, mummy is also spell bound by her beauty and wants to kiss her, hug and live with her.. In one scene, he enters her bedroom and kisses her.. another last scene he ties her to a bed and performs some type of rituals. But in the entire movie, the attraction seduction theme between the librarian girl and the powerful mummy was very tacit and we have to read between the lines. The linking story that this girl is his love in previous birth is an excuse which would used in dracula story too.. the reality is the beast wants the beauty desparately.. what exhibition or speciality in the girl is so amusing and seducting..?
Rachel Weisz measurements: 34C, height 5ft 7 inches, weight 63 kgs. rachel weiss born on march 7th 1971.

rachel weisz, look at heavy weights, normally she hides in her dress, they are apparent now.
rachel weisz in white dress

There is one scene where she leaves all her party men and goes with the mummy.. This appears to save the lives of others, but may not be true.. she read the strength in the eyes of mummy on her, and her charms.. she understood and yielded to the urge.. she herself kisses the mummy just to save others.. one scene.. she is in black gown in a night, when others and herself spend drinking.. look her breast beauty in this scene. The apparel she wore is so transparent it exibits her assets as a cloud hides and displays moon.. The mummy too is behind these charms.. so, he is always behind rachel, though she wants and doesnot. rachel weisz pregnant and delivered.
rachel weisz na-ked scenes:
Rachel Weisz sexy clip.This is hot in my view. Rachel weisz comes in a blue half skirt and the guy caress her at the thighs , kisses, and pulls away the panty. After that throws her into a sofa and pushes into her.. very hot.. we feel the best way to enjoy rachel weiz is this way only. must see.racheal weisz breast jump open from her bra too. her expressions cooperating the guy are good.
Rachel weisz I want you movie video clip where she opens her panty and throws at the guy, and then the guy pushes her to the wall and attempt to make romance with her. Her pubic hair is visible in this clip
Now a video clip from Enemy at the gates , rachael weisz , being a soldier , sleeps secretely in the bed sheet of another soldier hero, caress him and takes him into her. Lot of expressions shown by her in the lovemaking scene, and for his thursts into her.
Rachel weisz pics

Rachel weisz on woman breast line:
Rachel Weisz received lot of attention during her last year Venice film festival. Infact all the looks stopped on her breast line, from the low cut gown she wore.she was happy and smile for the attention she drew. She advised to all the women not to diet much because too much dieting spoils the breast line, as per rachel weisz. It reduces the feminity too as per weisz words. Now weisz is mother of a child and her breast line is still strengthened.

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paz vega spannish

paz vegas sexy legs
paz vega has very long and nice attractive legs and they are too sexy too.
If you see the movie spanglish , a woman automatically attracts your attention, if you have that sense.. she is paz vega. What a beautiful structure and what a great latina, mexico face.. she reminds us salma hayek and penelope cruz in some angles. But paz vega is taller than salma hayek and healthier than penelope cruz. Look the standing pose of paz vega here.. what a leg formation she has!!!.. Having tall and smooth legs is an asset to a young woman (not old woman) and you know why. In addition to those tall long legs, paz vega has wonderful breast formation too.

The daughter shelbie bruce , (at that time a kid now she may be a sexy girl) action while translating her mothers spanish into english , with equal action was very interesting and exciting. There is a scene where paz vega wanted to speak to adam sandler, in whose house paz is working , with little knowledge of english, ; At that point, i can see disturbance, confusion in the face of adam , and the disturbance is just because of the sexy paz personality sitting before him, but this is not known to him. .. if you donot believe see the proof in the picture enclosed.
Shelbie Bruce acted as daughter of Paz Vega and she steals the show with her wonderful action while paz vega steals with her powerful personality and bursting breasts. Look in another photo how paz vega is disturbing Adam Sandler because of her stunning body shape and powerful "assets" . The movie is quite good. The pain is to eyes because it was very difficult to concentrate at at time on top portion and legs of paz vega , as she scored marks in both areas. By the way, paz vega means peace fertile valley in spanish. She exactly fits for the meaning of her name.. she has peace in body,which is definitely fertile.. but where is valley??( oh.. i got it)
paz vegas breasts
paz vega spanglish paz vega gallery paz vega gallery paz vega photo paz vega hot

Black Beauty salma hayek

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