Saturday, January 26, 2008

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith , a playboy Playmate a voluptuous platinum blonde, was in news and recently she breathed her last. This is a sad news. But we have to study her life and find many interesting things and her life story is like a movie. She raised in the small texas town of Mexia, USA.From her adolecency , she is fond of famous celebrity Marlin Manroe and used to imitate her. She used to decorate like marlin manroe too. Similarity never ended here. Manroe died at the young age of 36 where nicole smith died recently at the age of 39. Both are victims of drugs abuse.Anna nicole smith was working in top less restaurant where she met an old billionaire,J Howard Marshall, whose age is about 89 when nicole smith was just 26. Probably her beauties and tops mesmerised this old man and requested, pleaded her pestered her to marry him. So she married too. Before that her first marriage was with Billy Wayne Smith when she was just 17 years old. But she separated from him after two years. Now Anna nicole smith has a baby daughter. There was a legal battle in the court of law about the paternity. Nicole smith informed that the father is her Attorney HOWARD K. STERN . But her ex boy friend claims that the baby daughter is his . The judgement would be in this february 21, based on DNA tests.We see enjoy all the actresses their beauties but their lives would be very miserable. First of all women are sentimental . Then when they become celebrities, they can not not cope up with the enormous stress they undergo with all emotions. They take to drugs , sleeping pills and meet their end sadly. Let her soul rest in peace for she created joy and pleasure in the hearts of millions of young men as well as OLD MEN.(Anna nicole smith measurements are 34D-24-34 , 5' 7" tall, and weighs in at 110 lbs )
Anna nicole smith diaries costly:
Now anna nicole smith soul is resting with unrest in heaven because of lots of court cases, post martem of her body and now going of her private diaries into a man's hand through auction. Recently, memoribilia auctioned two dairies of nicole smith for almost a hefty price of 500000 US Dollars to a german. These diaries were got by a cleaning person in Los Angeles where nicole smith anna stayed on a filming project. These diaries are for the period from 1992 to 1994. It is told that she wrote about her feelings about sex and men in this diaries as she hates the men who want always sex.. after all she became popular because of these lusty , lewd men only. She revealed many things about her billionaire husband and lots of relegious, spiritual thoughts were penned in that. The buyer of these diaries want to write a book on her , based on these two valuable diaries.



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