Saturday, January 26, 2008

caterina murino wow

Sexy caterina murino
catarina murino casino royaleHope you have seen Casino royale , as a routine, to have an eye on the bond girls and their recent sizes. This picute is worth to see two girls, who look very elegant, sexy and some times watering our mouth.
First girl is caterina murino: She looks great when she rides a white horse on the sea shore. A youth bubbling woman riding a horse is sexy in a way. catarina murino on bond sexyShe is in green bikini and rides the horse. Then steals our heart. We wish to be the horse. By the by the horse too liked this chick and loves to smell her bossom, what fragrance she uses? or pheromones? She has tight breasts.
In another scene, she is in a good compromising scene with bond, that old looking person. She lies on top of him, receives a phone call , while pressing his private with her counter part ,
catarino murino bust size with swings and jerks. This scene ignites some passion to be with her at least one day. Unfortunately she is killed in the movie because place has to be made to another lovely chic eva green.
Guess catirna murino measurements: 34C-24-34 (when not excited)

James bond Girls:James bond movies are famous for james bond girls. The producer and director some how search entire globe and bring the beautiful and vuluptuous girls for him. In other way we get feast to our eyes to see these selected james bond girls falling just for james bond and agreeing to sleep with him at every fall of his hat. Every audience imagines himself to be james bond and enjoy the romance with these lovely girls while the james bond on the screen is doing it. Nice to watch.

Sexy Pictures of caterino murino:

caterina murino beautiful photo
caterino murino sexy photo caterino murino back shown
caterino murino exposing caterino murino breasts



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