Thursday, January 31, 2008

selma hayek beauty secrets

salma hayek beauty secret

Salma hayek is enough rich as some one estimated her assets (real assets) worth $100 Million. You can see her wear all sorts of dresses, women dresses, bikinis, swim suits. Now and then you can see her without dress also, which we all like it, she admitted it too. Often she wears jeans, transparent shirts, hip hop dresses and women dresses, sexy dresses. But one day with an interviewer she told some astonishing things. She told that she never buys dresses for her. She only borrows dresses and she never liked to spend money on dresses as she is not that rich. Wow. what a great fact. This mexican beautiful baby doesnot require any dress to hide her beauties from the point of view of men. But we wonder if she really never spends money on her fashion dresses. If you watch her when she attends any great party, function, she comes in costly dress, slightly or greatly exposing her breast. Perhaps her boy friends might have presented gifted all the wonderful women dresses for her, to hide her from the eyes of others. This is what she told exactly:"You think I'm going to spend my money on clothes? No way. I have a small house so I borrow everything except art, that's what I love." She will be buying art pieces,drawings like frida.
Salma hayek in indian traditional dress. This is called punjabi suit with shelwar , paijama. This blue shelwar kameez with bangles on her hands make her an angel came down for us. But she is a bit tired . what happend. She appears as if she came out after a "vigorous hard work". Anyway, we can see how she looks when she is fully TIRED after some hard work. In this nice dress, she is very erotic and rising unknown desires in us. Her lean , body makes every one hot in this dress. I dont know what body lotions she uses to make her skin glow like this

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all about britney spears

britney spears photo looking cute

Britney spear came out of rehab center which is a happy news for us.. let us remember her beauties.First husband of britney spear was jason alexander, her childhood friend, but the marriage lasted only 55 hours, in 2004. What he got in this short span , every body's guess! Now , britney lawyer is allegated that jason is spreading outrageous stories and selling or exploiting the private and confidential information about his lovely ex wife britney spear. Hope he too joins us to help britney to recover well.
Britney spear pic:1

Britney spear with her child and her ex husband, spending time joyfully. Kevin and britney spear had lovely days. How they got separated is a question..

Britney spear pic 2:
britneyspears beautiful

britney spear in red dress . look at the thighs joining place.. her most private part contour is clearly visible in this britney spear pic. The portion of that is shown in blow up again, for the benefit of britney lovers.

Britneyspear pic 3:singer britneyspears>Britney spear has lovely body parts.. one of them is her butt. look in this, her butt is round and responsive. cushy too.

Britney spear boobs :
all brittany spear fans , sorry not all, some of her fans get kick with her songs and also with the sight of her boobs. In this pic, she allowed to be exposed with her boobs sagging down.


pregnant selmahayek

salma hayek pregnent again?
Salma Hayek Now with Pregnancy:
Salma Hayak Then:
one reader of this site recently commented how salma hayek agreed to marry that french man, it may be just for money or dollars alone.! This is an important comment to analyse. All the salma hayek fans,(they are in thousands and millions) got a smooth shock with the double penetrating news of her pregnancy and marriage.. ofcourse every one feels pinch when his dream girl gets engaged. same thing happend.
when we miss our vuluptuous girl, to some rich person, we definitely cry fowl and allege the marriage is just because of money..
The fact is money is money. all people love money and rich people love it more .. So, salma hayek reached 40 years and crossed even that. She has to think about marriage and settling because her life purpose is not just showing her breasts to the world and gain the title of best breast queen. Ofcourse, her body is also loosing the charm . so, a wise woman plans to settle down, so salma , being a wise mexican woman, planned and expedited the plan of settling quickly with a rich person.
When you think of settling with marriage, why not with a rich person? as i said, rich people love more riches. so, she quickly made many things, before the press and paperazzi notice, and she achieved the two goals of becoming pregnant and getting engaged to selected rich person. Thus this proves salma hayek's better planning and understanding about her life, objective and goals. She never uttered any word about this plan even two months back. Salma hayek declared that she is searching for a man with more balls or bigger ones.(may be a joke).
Now what? the fans of salma hayek or feeling to digest the fact that this sexy woman is going away from their dream land and becoming a mother . Naturally they search for another sexy girl or woman. But what happens to the movie planned with salma hayek? do they change the story that the heroine salma hayek is pregnant in the movie? we have to wait and watch. If you see the old pictures or photos of salma and present salma hayek, there we notice lot of changes in her body, and profile..