Saturday, January 26, 2008

Penelope Cruz

sexy tasty penelope cruze oscar nominee now, we wish all the best from our guys!
Oscar Awards fever-Penelope our favourite

Oscar awards will be announced in a day and half. We are all very eager to know the results. We are very interested to know our best acress, since our love girl, our tasty woman penelope cruz is there in contest (because of her taste and also because of salma hayek push). All the lusty guys are dreaming already about her winning of the award. Let us see the movies and contestents for best female actress award contestants:

1. Penelope Cruze -volver

2. Helen Mirren- The Queen

3. Meryl Streep - The Devil wears Prada

4. Kate winslet - little children
16% people voted online for penelope out of the 4 because of her expressive brown eyes, lustrous dark hair and flawless olive skin, Penelope Cruz burst on the scene as a teenager lending an air of sultry innocence and a flair for drollery and nudity as the sexy ingénue in Bigas Lunas' American art-house hit "Jamon Jamon" (1992).penelope cruze in volver movie performance is good
About the Movie Volver:Set in Spain, Three women generations story--a good mother who is desperately in love with a man who is far from being a saint, a young mother (our sexy, tasty penelope cruze) carrying a hard life upon her shoulders and an illegal hairdresser whose shop is the meeting point for all the neighborhood gossips. Now a days penelope cruze is as hot as salma hayek. Salma may be loosing the profile of her assets but this lean, tall sexy tasty penelope is becoming hot target for all dreaming guys. Her jamoon jamon proved her talents. Read about this movie and a clip in this site only.

penelope cruze acted movie volver
kids in mind warned about this adult thing in the movie volver. Beware!!
(Rated 6 , this is a R rated film for restricted audience)
A husband and wife lie in bed together, the man kisses the woman's cheek and tries to convince her to have sex; she rolls over on her side and he masturbates (we hear rhythmic movement and moaning).
► A teenage girl tells her mother that her stepfather tried to rape her (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). We hear that a father sexually abused his daughter and that she became pregnant.
► A teenage girl changes her clothes (the side of her bare breast is visible), and her stepfather passes her room and watches her. A teenaged girl wearing a mini-skirt sits on a chair with one leg over the arm of the chair (her tights and panties are visible) and her stepfather looks at her inappropriately.
► A woman washes dishes and the camera is focused directly down her shirt and on her cleavage, a woman wears a low-cut lace camisole that reveals cleavage, and a woman wears low-cut dresses and tops that reveal cleavage.
► A woman talks to a woman who is apparently a prostitute and offers to pay her for her time and the woman makes crude comments about not knowing that she was interested in women sexually. A woman is told that her father was having an affair with another woman's mother. It is suggested that a woman is a prostitute.
► A woman asks her adult daughter about the size of her breasts and whether she ever had anything done to them, such as breast enlargement.

Oscar Nominated



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