Saturday, January 26, 2008

Angelina Jolie the angel

sexy angelina jolie photo without panty or bra
Angelina jolie is one way an angel.. want to know why? She is sexy and beautiful.. peculiar mouth specific to her which might accomodate.. sweet words . She is married to Brad Pit who is understanding her and giving full support to her whenever she felt vulnerable(?). Thus they both are making a living example for wife and husband hormony , for the entire celebrity world . Not only that , they are adopting orphan children from every nook and corner of the world.. Good work.. Celebrities after getting fame and money should turn to social service in what ever way they like ( in addition to free exhibition of their body ofcourse). So, she is on tour across the globe selecting and adopting the children while press is getting tired of noting her itenary and adoptions list.
Now, my friends are grumbling against her and secretely wishing that she may next pick them up for adoption.. No, my friends are not kids but well grown up and mature enough to have half a dozen kids of their own, if any body offers them a girl to marry ( individually ofcourse!),
angelina jolie breast exposed

But they are die hard fans of angelina jolie and her charms.. they love angelina joile ever pose and collect her all images, photos. They now want to be with her to feel her "warmth of affection", "occasional kisses" and all. So, they request angelina to consider grown up kids this time so that they may be picked up. They are a little scared about brad pitt only, as they are not sure how swiftly he takes them as adopted children. Angelina jolie loves orphan kids, angelina jolie loves animals, pets , snakes , what not? so, they are confident that they would be selected by them one day definitely under any one category of the above..
Angelina Jolie Lips: Angelina jolie lips and hips are two attractions for our above friends. Angelina lips are in a specially built manner (by god while creating), but the purpose is not much known. When jolie speaks, our people are hypnotised by looking at her round, thick lips like the mouth of a fish. They love to watch her eating any fruit, like banana. I think most of the guys in the world are after her sexy lips and mouth..than her exciting body.. look this picture here, her body is not tender and soft but like a sportwoman body fully robust . Angelina is not wearing anything under her see through gown in this picture. Her bare body is semi visible here.
angelina tomb raider: For game lovers, tomb raider is a wonderful and exciting game. Exciting not only because of the game intellegnce or theme. But because, tomb raider is having angelina as the lead and she is exciting in her outfit or dress..We often loose in the game because we concentrate on her tight outfit on her chest.

Angelina jolie measurements: Angelina height : 5 ft 8 inches ( very good height) and important measurements:36C-28-36
Speciality with angelina jolie: She admitted she is bisexual.. and look the statement."I love women and men equally and I see people as people and love as love, so I think it makes sense that a woman would know I'd appreciate and love her as much as I would a man."
"We focus on who's sleeping with who but miss who you are really with." Good daring comment.. and she has aesthetic sense and figure. Another attractive point from her is angelina has the genes of native americans and czech. so we have this beauty with love at "Heart"

Anjelina jolie kissable lips:

Hot lips Anjelina Jolie has topped a poll of female stars whom British men want to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas, (other men too love those kissable jolie lips) stated a report published in online news network The poll reportedly stated that over 31 percent of British men would like to share a festive french smooch with the smouldering and sultry 29-year-old Hollywood star.
Second on this kiss wish list was willowly beauty Keira Knightley, who first made her big screen debut in the hit "Bend It Like Beckham", followed by the sensuous Halle Berry, sexy Cameron Diaz and beautiful Charlize Theron.
On the other hand, the ladies (hot women) dreamed of locking lips with young "Lord of the Rings" star Orlando Bloom,
angelina jolie skinny sexy

24. Bloom garnered 21 percent, and was followed closely by happily married Oceans Twelve stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney, Colin Farrell and Tom Cruise.
Angelina jolie True mother:
Angelina jolie adapted a baby ( son) from ethiopia and brought to her home a month ago.But that boy developed serious health trouble.. Angelina not only hospitalized him but also gave full of her attention, to the baby by continuously staying in the hospital. This is really a good and commendable job. It is not great to adapt children, but to give them true motherly care and attention is important. Infact the real parents of that boy have died because of AIDS. Good work by jolie.



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