Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bar Rafaeli

hot bar rafaeli bending towards leonard dicaprio
yester day, there was a fight, between the body gaurds of dicaprio and the paparazzi in israel when dicaprio was visiting a tunnel along with his girl friend , bar rafaeli who is hot now.let us see the details of these two hot couple.
Bar raefili details:
some times she is refered as bar refaili too. she is lean, tall and sexy, she comes from israel and jewish community. she is heart throb of israel and she is present top model there.Her measurements are : Height 5ft 9 inches, ( quite tall to excite). body statistics or measurements:35-24-35 . Look at her figure, the body portion from naval to bottom is very sexy.. she is just 21 years, which is provoking age for guys from girls side..
bar rafaeli jew model gorgeous
she took to modelling from early childhood and now she became top model, she models to swimsuits and others, like victoria secret (lingerie company.). Naturally any lingerie fits perfectly for her figure and good advertisement from her modelling. It is also heard that to escape from compulsory joining into military assignment, she married an older person few years ago . she had a personal relations manager , who helped her to zoom her career into sky from the dull period in 2005. But, last year she said good bye to that PR manager and now he is suiing her for 100 million dollars .Bar Rafaeli met Leonardo Dicaprio, the hero of titanic and she stole his heart. He was searching for a good looking girl either from britain or elsewhere,(other than USA). They both started dating. Recently roumours spread across like wild fire that Bar rafaeli dumped him, vexed up with his tours and life style. But yesterdays news of both moving in israel confirms that the love of dicaprio for this bar rafaeli has not dried up. Ofcourse , she is quite different girl from other lot. Her jewish heritage adds spice to her. To be frank, her face is not that attractive when compared to her body..We should congratulate Leonardo Dicaprio for selecting this nice hot girl and sticking to her!!

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