Saturday, January 26, 2008

Keira Knightly- flat chest heroine

Flat chest heroine keira knightley:
look at the flat chest of this beautiful keira knightley Pirates of the carribbean sea , curse of black perl you all might have seen. The heroine Keira Knightley is very attractive in a way in that movie, in those dresses. If you see the first picture, there is no speciality in her. No assets too. look at her chest. quite flat.. nothing interesting.. how loose the top on her flat chest.
keira knightley body shape and bottom is good except top But when you come to the second picture, look at the curves and profiles on her chest. showing some growth.. enough curves there. Her long torso adds value to her beauty. her lips are also ok...
observe here the pointed nipple of keira knightley, what is the use? The most interesting thing in this scene is , her breast pressed or pushed up in that position. she is attractive too. The most important point, you can observe a nipple protruding. This heroine is attractive in this pirates of carribbean sea, curse of the black pearl.&nbspKeira Knightly is really flat chested woman, even this statement makes her unhappy . Becuase every woman likes to have firm breasts so that all looks would be on her. But God has created a wonderful lass so beautiful but forgot to give a bit flesh there to keira knightly. you can view this video clip where keira knightley is in erotic love making scene with a guy. we can not make out whose chest is man's chest. ofcourse, her bottom may be worthy.
keira knightley height: 5feet 7 inches. very good height with long legs .
What to do when a girl like keira knightley has flat chest? Breast enhancement advice:It is very painfull to have a flat chest to lovely woman like knightley. They just do any thing to enhance their breast size, provided the method is harmless without side effects. This is the worry for lot of lovely women and girls . All break their heads how to enhance their breast size. There are breast enhancement creams, breast enhancement lotions, to apply gently on their breast daily and massage gently. This is said to give results to many after 45 days of regular usage. Breast enhancement pills are not recommended that much because of side effects. External lotions and creams for breast enhancement is ok. There is hypnosis breast enhancement treatment also. Hypnotist may give suggestions so as to vitalise the breast enhancement tissues. This is also good to try. Breast enahancement supplements are food items, minerals which increases the breast growth, if we take in our food. Breast enhancement surgery is last resort as it is painful.
keira knightley hole clipFrom the movie The Hole, two guys will be playing with keira Knightley, one removing her blue jeans , caressing her sensitive area between legs while another is catching her hands and kissing them. They were trying to make keira knightley naked.Keira knightley would be giggling and cooperating to them while another woman frowns at this , watching secretely.This is from movie domino.
kissing on her stomach is sexy.