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Rachel weisz

actress rachel weisz in mummy movie, her black dress in this movie is very exciting and provoking

Rachel weisz acted in mummy and the three sequences of that movie, and she became very popular and famous with her role.. What is speciality in that role and in the movie plot or entire thing is in her beauties? let us see.
This mummy was released in 1999. Entire episode is about giving life to the mummy and the havoc he created in that egypt, Evelyn (our lovely rachel weisz) and her brother Johnathan start on this mission. None can face him, but our lovely girl rachel weisz(Pharaoh Seti's Mistress). you know why.. she is beautiful.. the powerful, mummy is also spell bound by her beauty and wants to kiss her, hug and live with her.. In one scene, he enters her bedroom and kisses her.. another last scene he ties her to a bed and performs some type of rituals. But in the entire movie, the attraction seduction theme between the librarian girl and the powerful mummy was very tacit and we have to read between the lines. The linking story that this girl is his love in previous birth is an excuse which would used in dracula story too.. the reality is the beast wants the beauty desparately.. what exhibition or speciality in the girl is so amusing and seducting..?
Rachel Weisz measurements: 34C, height 5ft 7 inches, weight 63 kgs. rachel weiss born on march 7th 1971.

rachel weisz, look at heavy weights, normally she hides in her dress, they are apparent now.
rachel weisz in white dress

There is one scene where she leaves all her party men and goes with the mummy.. This appears to save the lives of others, but may not be true.. she read the strength in the eyes of mummy on her, and her charms.. she understood and yielded to the urge.. she herself kisses the mummy just to save others.. one scene.. she is in black gown in a night, when others and herself spend drinking.. look her breast beauty in this scene. The apparel she wore is so transparent it exibits her assets as a cloud hides and displays moon.. The mummy too is behind these charms.. so, he is always behind rachel, though she wants and doesnot. rachel weisz pregnant and delivered.
rachel weisz na-ked scenes:
Rachel Weisz sexy clip.This is hot in my view. Rachel weisz comes in a blue half skirt and the guy caress her at the thighs , kisses, and pulls away the panty. After that throws her into a sofa and pushes into her.. very hot.. we feel the best way to enjoy rachel weiz is this way only. must see.racheal weisz breast jump open from her bra too. her expressions cooperating the guy are good.
Rachel weisz I want you movie video clip where she opens her panty and throws at the guy, and then the guy pushes her to the wall and attempt to make romance with her. Her pubic hair is visible in this clip
Now a video clip from Enemy at the gates , rachael weisz , being a soldier , sleeps secretely in the bed sheet of another soldier hero, caress him and takes him into her. Lot of expressions shown by her in the lovemaking scene, and for his thursts into her.
Rachel weisz pics

Rachel weisz on woman breast line:
Rachel Weisz received lot of attention during her last year Venice film festival. Infact all the looks stopped on her breast line, from the low cut gown she wore.she was happy and smile for the attention she drew. She advised to all the women not to diet much because too much dieting spoils the breast line, as per rachel weisz. It reduces the feminity too as per weisz words. Now weisz is mother of a child and her breast line is still strengthened.

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