Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ashley Judd

ashley judd social service

Celebrities entertain us and get fame and money.. If they stick to money, riches, love, romance only soon they may land in mental rehaibilation camp.. But, a wise thing is to change their life style and work for a noble cause and start social service. Some celebrities, ex sex bombs became social workers.. Angelina jolie (adapting children and other causes), alyssa milano for psunami rehabilitation and children help camps through UNICEF and Ashley Judd for empowerment of women and spreading the cause of Aids disease.
Ashley judd works for Population Services International (PSI) and touring round the globe to spread awareness about aids. Now she is camping in India , meeting sex workers in mumbai kamaatipura area and "trying to educate" them about safe sex. Ashley judd was exciting celebrity for some men , but changed to vegetarianism two decades back. She reads Bhagawadgeetha and respects Mahatma Gandhi. She is visiting gandhi homeplace too, as well as Tajmahal, the seventh wonder of World and symbol for love.Indian celebrity, miss world title holder Sushmita sen also joins hands with ashley judd in meeting the sex workers in red light area and spreading the aids awareness. She spreads women empowerment message in rajasthan.. We have to think what the sex workers spread message to ashley judd... they may spread different message to her.. kidding). By the way, ashley judd is close friend of salma hayek. There is a video clip in metacafe or so where ashley judd opens her shirt and exposes her breasts, while salma hayek was in driving seat.. you must see how salma hayek blushes at this event!!see



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