Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paris Hilton

All the world is behind paris hilton now, daily searching through the search engines for paris hilton sex tapes, sex scandals and
search engines getting tired of giving information.. but the main question is is paris hilton so sexy? what is speciality in her for creating lot of interest in (perhaps)men to know more about her.. first thing is , she is from rich family .. second thing is she is involved in a sex tape scandal.. this sex video was taped (by her) and it circulated in the world through internet , video file sharing.
That created publicity to her.. some or more people allege that she herself released that sex tape to gain popularity .. they may be right.
If you watch her photos or images from any gallery, nothing is very special in her.. she is not very exciting to have a desire to sleep with her immidiately.. but to speak truth, her lean body, flat tummy or stomach are attractive.. the measurement of paris hilton from naval to the hot spot is more than any other woman.. thats why shen she stands or bends some sexy look comes to her posture.. face, eyes, even breasts of paris hilton are not special but most ordinary.. her hair turns away many people too. There is a recent scandal about her lieing or lying and laying in bed.. with a guy..
paris hilton sex with Tom Sizemore: when paris hilton was very sexy and hot at her age of 19 she had one night stand and slept with a lucky guy Tom Sizemore. Thats fine, nothing special .. but now paris hilton became popular and she never wants her name to be associated with that pauper guy ( because that guy lost all his money). Then, he produced photographs of paris hilton sleeping with him.. to the world.. now paris hilton is trapped and she has to take back her words and agree to the fact that she slept with him.. now this bankrupt guy struck wonderful plan.. in his good old days, three or four years back, good girls slept with him as paris hilton did. so, now he is producing the secretely captured sex video,70 minute DVD, with these girls and selling in the market.. anything with a label of paris hilton sells like hot cake in the world now..So, he is dreaming about bundles of dollars in millions with the sex tapes..The pornographic video was made with 9 different sexy women, and the actor is hoping that this project will fill his pockets heavily.
1 Night in Paris with paris hilton:
Hilton also starred in 1 Night in Paris (2004), an unauthorized sex video with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, for which she received directorial credit (?). The film earned three AVN Awards in 2005, including "Best Selling Title of the Year". Best title we can agree , but what it means by directorial credit? and other awards?? may be most heating direction to turn on. Hilton originally sued Salomon over the release of the tape, but settled out of court in July 2005. According to [press reports, Hilton was awarded up to $400,000 and planned to donate a percentage to charity.(!!) In a 2006 interview with GQ magazine, paris hilton stated: "I never received a dime from (the video). It's just dirty money and (Salomon) should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something."[10]

Another interesting point with paris hilton is she is probably having lots of sex tapes , herself being the heroine in all tapes. She never minds to offer the proceedings of these tapes to any orphanage.. by the way, the grown up orphans are now asking for a few tapes too for their entertainment..
paris hilton bending with lovely curvy body, tummy and backSee this bent position.. difficult to control.. the body shape from breast to loin is tooo provocating. As a bonus , she is exposing her breast from the shirt. On top of them, her peculiar expression in face..
paris hilton upskirtParis hilton upskirt here. but what is that red color stain exactly on the hot spot? is it strained stain or some new design? thighs are not soft. Thigh muscles are strong.



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