Thursday, January 31, 2008

all about britney spears

britney spears photo looking cute

Britney spear came out of rehab center which is a happy news for us.. let us remember her beauties.First husband of britney spear was jason alexander, her childhood friend, but the marriage lasted only 55 hours, in 2004. What he got in this short span , every body's guess! Now , britney lawyer is allegated that jason is spreading outrageous stories and selling or exploiting the private and confidential information about his lovely ex wife britney spear. Hope he too joins us to help britney to recover well.
Britney spear pic:1

Britney spear with her child and her ex husband, spending time joyfully. Kevin and britney spear had lovely days. How they got separated is a question..

Britney spear pic 2:
britneyspears beautiful

britney spear in red dress . look at the thighs joining place.. her most private part contour is clearly visible in this britney spear pic. The portion of that is shown in blow up again, for the benefit of britney lovers.

Britneyspear pic 3:singer britneyspears>Britney spear has lovely body parts.. one of them is her butt. look in this, her butt is round and responsive. cushy too.

Britney spear boobs :
all brittany spear fans , sorry not all, some of her fans get kick with her songs and also with the sight of her boobs. In this pic, she allowed to be exposed with her boobs sagging down.



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