Thursday, January 31, 2008

pregnant selmahayek

salma hayek pregnent again?
Salma Hayek Now with Pregnancy:
Salma Hayak Then:
one reader of this site recently commented how salma hayek agreed to marry that french man, it may be just for money or dollars alone.! This is an important comment to analyse. All the salma hayek fans,(they are in thousands and millions) got a smooth shock with the double penetrating news of her pregnancy and marriage.. ofcourse every one feels pinch when his dream girl gets engaged. same thing happend.
when we miss our vuluptuous girl, to some rich person, we definitely cry fowl and allege the marriage is just because of money..
The fact is money is money. all people love money and rich people love it more .. So, salma hayek reached 40 years and crossed even that. She has to think about marriage and settling because her life purpose is not just showing her breasts to the world and gain the title of best breast queen. Ofcourse, her body is also loosing the charm . so, a wise woman plans to settle down, so salma , being a wise mexican woman, planned and expedited the plan of settling quickly with a rich person.
When you think of settling with marriage, why not with a rich person? as i said, rich people love more riches. so, she quickly made many things, before the press and paperazzi notice, and she achieved the two goals of becoming pregnant and getting engaged to selected rich person. Thus this proves salma hayek's better planning and understanding about her life, objective and goals. She never uttered any word about this plan even two months back. Salma hayek declared that she is searching for a man with more balls or bigger ones.(may be a joke).
Now what? the fans of salma hayek or feeling to digest the fact that this sexy woman is going away from their dream land and becoming a mother . Naturally they search for another sexy girl or woman. But what happens to the movie planned with salma hayek? do they change the story that the heroine salma hayek is pregnant in the movie? we have to wait and watch. If you see the old pictures or photos of salma and present salma hayek, there we notice lot of changes in her body, and profile..



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