Thursday, January 31, 2008

salma hayek doubts

salma hayek getting doubts in bible
she has questions in bible now!!...
salma reached the age of 40.. seen lot of world and shown "lot of world" ..Now she is engaged and pregnant before marriage. She got a doubt from virgin marry's pregnancy.. she commented on that which raked lot of opposite response.. She discussed this issue in an interview given to a magazine Marie Claire. salma hayek comments:"I don't like the way the Bible views women - this thing about the Virgin Mary conceiving a child without having sex - so if you conceive a child by having sex, there's a subliminal message that there's something dirty about it. ""And this is what makes us divine - I mean, the possibility of creating another life should remind women that we are creators, that we are made like God in our ability. There is nothing greater than to create another human being." Lot of discussion can be done on this and it is happening in forums. But every one can think within her or his purview of understanding. We can not understand the mysteries, intricacies of great epics, holy books. Our life experiences will not allow us to understand.. People advised her to visit a preacher and learn more.. but she may not find time.. anyway,salma, you can express your doubts.. the person who expresses a doubt is better than a dumb follower, who gets a big doubt at the end! We know slama hayek is a relegious, catholic. After every sin, she does fasting ... most of the days in a month she would be fasting.. so, her prayers would provide her answer. By the way, virgin becoming pregnant by holy spirit is not only limited to bible, they are in vedic epics like mahabharat and ramayan too.


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